Service contents

Hotline Service

Log and track a Hotline Call. View past Hotline Calls.The service also provides "Q&As" generated based on Hotlines Calls of Other customers.

Logging a New Call
  • The system will help to resolve your question by searching published Q&A cases & past calls within your organization from
  • If you do not find what you are looking for, you can continue to log the hotline call.
  • Calls and data are transmitted in a Secure Environment.
[New Call]
Hotline call Tracking
  • View List of all Calls within your account.
  • Track real time call status until call is closed. including logged defect/enhancement requests status.
  • View Detail of questions, answers.Download data attached to each log.
[Call List]
Self Help using "Q&As"
  • Search and View "Frequently Asked Questions" from customers and other useful tips from our Support Team in Q&A format.
  • Q&A contents will be updated as needed.

Product Information Service

View Useful Technical information of the products. New features for each release/revision, software status, release notes are available.

Information customized for your software/release/revision.
  • Viewable Software/Release/Revision are setup according to your customer account.
[My Recent Products]
Information for each software
  • The top page of the software service shows information focused on the release/revision you are using. You can switch between the available release/revisions.
  • You can view latest software status for each revision.
[Product Details Top]
List of verified OS system environment
  • You can view OS and environment related information such as verified OS software.Information on H/W license programs are also available.
[System Requirements]

Download Service

You can download software programs, update/patch programs.

Information customized for your software/revision
  • Viewable Software/Revision are setup according to your customer account.
[My Recent Downloads]
Download programs & patch update programs
  • Download programs, update patches.
  • The latest patch programs are provided promptly.
[Download Detail]

Notification Service

You can view updates of the support site content.

Updates of All News in this Site, Product news and Download news
  • You can view the history of All News in this Site.
  • You can view the history of Product news.
  • You can view the history of Download news.

Knowledge Base Search Service

You can search from all the available information in the support site on what you are looking for.

Knowledge base through complete support site contents
  • Keyword search in English.Search from Sentence (Japanese Only)
  • You can filter your search by software, release/revision, period, language.
[Knowledge Base]

Administrator Service

You can manage site user information, accessible products within your Customer Account.

Account Management fit for your support site usage
  • You can add/setup User Account freely depending on your organization and support site usage.
  • Refer to [ Customer user account ] for details.


Multiple language change
  • You can switch the language for menus and contents by clicking the [Languages] link at the top right corner of the window.
    *If you select a language ​​other than English/Japanese/Chinese, only menus will be displayed in the specified language and each content will be in English.
  • Japanese contents are specialized for Japanese customers while English contents are for World wide customers. Therefore some contents are different between Japanese and English.
[Language Switch]
  • Worldwide standard SSL server certificate (RSA 2048bit) is adopted as security of this site. Secure data transmission can be offered by up to 256 bit cipher strength SSL encrypted communication.