Customer user account

Case1 : Set Accounts for users to access certain software information

Add an Account and set up appropriate product access.

You can setup different accessible product information for each Account.
You can add new Account for each user or support site end-user access and setup.

Account Name Access In the Support Site
Layout Design Group Board Designer View information only on [ Board Designer ].
Circuit Design Group System Designer View information only on [ System Designer ].

Case2 : View call of other "Account"

Set Hotline Call View access to view hotline calls of other "Group".

Each Account can have 3 levels on viewing calls.
1) "View All Calls within my Customer ID"
2) "View Calls of other specific Customer User Account"
3) "View only my Customer User Account"

Account Name View Call Setup In the Support Site
Administrator All This account can view all the calls within the main Customer ID.(Organization)
Layout Design Group View other Accounts
(Circuit Design Group)
View calls from both Layout Design Group (my account) and Circuit Design Group (other accounts).
Circuit Design Group Only my Account View calls from only within the Circuit Design Group (my account).

Case3 : Limit logging Calls and Download to certain users.

Set access permission for an Account.

Access right for Each Account can be set.
Rights for [Log Call],[Download],[Administration right] are available.

Account Name Call Log Call
Can Download
In the Support Site
Administrator Yes / Yes Hotline Call Logging and product download are possible.
Std Users No / No View only.

Case4 : Creating Account for each individual person.

Set View Access between each users to see calls from other Account.

Create Account for each person.
Users within your organization can be set by "Administrator" or by "Account" with Administration right.

Account Name Account Type In the Support Site
Administrator GROUP Adding Caller name during hotline call is not a must. (provided as text input field)
Zuken Taro Individual User Name is added automatically when placing a call.
Zuken Hanako Individual User Name is added automatically when placing a call.

Case5 : I don't need to use Account

Use the support site with default setup.

Please use the initial [Administrator] account provided by Zuken.
All calls can be viewed and shared.

Case6 : Limit the users who can use Account

Set a password to an Account.

You can set passwords to each Account to limit the users within the organization.
Password setup is possible by the [Administrator] or by [Customer User Account] with Admin access.